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CNECT is a Multi-level of verifications

CNECT is a Multi-level of verifications

CNECT® is designed in a way that achieves a set of principles, system-driven operations, operation qualities, data accuracy, quality audit trails, performance tracking, and simplicity for the best user experience. It was designed to achieve the following aims:

  • System Driven: will guide the users to perform their tasks as per the desired process.
  • Operation Quality: will guarantee that all the steps are done in the correct sequence.
  • Data Accuracy: applies two steps before final data storage, data collection, and then data confirmation by a different user.
  • Quality Audit trials: keeps track for every single action, records each deviation for quality compliance purposes.
  • Performance Tracking: provides a live dashboard for performance and productivity measurement, a wide range of reports are also provided to provide a clear picture of the operations.
  • Simplicity: provide a simple user-friendly interface, no key press or mouse click are required, all screens are designed to provide information and instructions for the user with a simple and clear vision/audio notifications.

CNECT® solution is distinguished from other systems by the availability of a multi-level verification function, in which the supervisor at the second level of approval, as well as the admin at the third level of approval, authorize the aggregation processes before closing the box.

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