Manage Drug Warehouses

Drug Track & Trace System for Pharmaceutical Products

In order to ensure compliance with the Drug Track and Trace System for pharmaceutical products (RSD) that established by Saudi Food & Drug Authority, as one of its plans to contribute in achieving the kingdom’s Vision 2030, MARMARA implements (CNECT) system to provide serialization and aggregation across all of their facilities. CNECT® provides complete end-to-end traceability solutions for preventing the counterfeit products throughout the supply chain from manufacturer to consumer, with over 10 years of experience, CNECT® is the principal provider of innovative serialization, aggregation solution that lead you to the most reliable solution for your industry.

We help ...


To protect society and guarantee the safety of all drugs by knowing their origin starting from manufacturing phase until consumption.


To share the serialized data with government authorities, distributors, third party providers and retailers, working to ensure everyone has access to the information.


To achieve a number of benefits, including improved warehouse management, increased productivity, no data entry work, labor KPI’s, keeping track of each unit productive work on a daily basis, handling the damaged products and more.


To take advantage of the shelf life as much as possible by carrying out serialization and aggregation in simple and quick manner and exploit less space in warehouse during operation.


To facilitate sales and tracking work in the pharmacy, we have developed a connected POS system that is compatible with the CNECT® solution, so that the pharmacy can conduct sales and tracking operations in real time.


To protect the consumer from drug fraud, the serialization and aggregation processes, enabled any consumer to scan the code on any drug package to inquire about all the details that have been collected.

We Solve Problems

“CNECT ® can help you with a variety of storage conditions”

Other serialization and aggregation systems has difficulty dealing with drugs that stored in unusual environments, such as the refrigerator, freezer, or special diapers. Now, due to the CNECT® solution, you may scan drugs with a handheld scanner while they are still in their storage. We don't move drugs around; we just scan drugs and closing the door.

We Improve Productivity

“Saves time and resources when dealing with high quantities of products”

You have a single source to accomplish this job for maybe thousands of items when you utilize the machine to handle the serialization and aggregation procedures. You can imagine the time spent to do this task. Alternatively, with the CNECT® solution, you may distribute handheld scanners to multiple labors within the warehouse, each of whom will complete the procedure for a specific set of items.

No more Spaces

To carry out serialization and aggregation procedures, CNECT® solutions eliminate the need for big equipment and machinery. When using other solutions, you'll need up to 100 square meters to complete the task. Using CNECT® solution, you'll need only two square meters.

We Handle Shortage & Damage

The shortage of goods usually occurs due to taking samples from regulatory authorities or due to errors in packing, so other systems compensate for the shortage from another box and this issue is not addressed through other systems. When you use the CNECT® solution, you can handle product shortages or damage in a professional manner by making automated calls between the labor and the supervisor, the supervisor determining the type of shortage or damage, and the system printing the label that identifies the type of shortage. The incident report is then printed, approved and signed by the supervisor, admin and senior management. As a result, there are no other systems that offer audit trail service.

We Handle Compensations

CNECT® solution is distinguished from other systems by the availability of the compensation feature that contributes to reducing the number of boxes that contain a shortage or damage in products automatically through the compensatory exchange between the boxes.

CNECT is Cost-effective

When utilizing other systems, the serialization and aggregation procedure requires three labors in the warehouse, and there is delay between processes. One of the labors is doing the serialization and the other labor is waiting for the first one to finish and then to start the process of aggregation, and there is the third labor waiting to arrange the boxes on the pallet and stick its label. “You can imagine the amount of time and money wasted in this way” Using CNECT® solution the serialization and aggregation handled once during one stage of work and it is need only one labor to accomplish this work.

CNECT is a Multi-level of verifications

CNECT® solution is distinguished from other systems by the availability of a multi-level verification function, in which the supervisor at the second level of approval, as well as the admin at the third level of approval, authorize the aggregation processes before closing the box.

CNECT is Only one step of activity

Serialization and aggregation handled once during one stage of work

When using the CNECT® solution, you'll be able to do both the serialization and aggregation tasks at the same time. Two printers are linked to the system. When scanning one of the 2D barcodes and taking a scan of one of the boxes, the system will finish the aggregation process automatically, eliminating the need to scan all of the 2D barcodes.

CNECT Principles

CNECT® is designed in a way that achieves a set of principles, system-driven operations, operation qualities, data accuracy, quality audit trails, performance tracking, and simplicity for the best user experience. It was designed to achieve the following aims:

  • System Driven: will guide the users to perform their tasks as per the desired process.
  • Operation Quality: will guarantee that all the steps are done in the correct sequence.
  • Data Accuracy: applies two steps before final data storage, data collection, and then data confirmation by a different user.
  • Quality Audit trials: keeps track for every single action, records each deviation for quality compliance purposes.
  • Performance Tracking: provides a live dashboard for performance and productivity measurement, a wide range of reports are also provided to provide a clear picture of the operations.
  • Simplicity: provide a simple user-friendly interface, no key press or mouse click are required, all screens are designed to provide information and instructions for the user with a simple and clear vision/audio notifications.

CNECT Modules

CNECT® relies on four modules, each is optimized to perform special tasks, whereas a group they define a very strong, solid, and accurate serialization collection process, the output of this process will facilitate an accurate, cost-effective goods movement among the whole supply chain process.

System Core

Controls the whole operation, manage the communication and messages between other modules, and act as under layer data storage.

System Administrator

A standalone system used by the operation manager, it organizes the whole operation by defining the current task GTIN, starting/ending working shifts, defining workgroups (supervisors/collectors relationship), managing the deviation cases and Audit Reports generation.


A module used to monitor a group of collectors, performing a confirmation action for the collector's operations and assuring collectors productivities.


This module is used to perform the serials collection for every single unit, fast reading and data extraction for GS1 Data Matrix, system-driven operations, and very simple user interface.