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Increase productivity in drug warehouses

Increase productivity in drug warehouses

“Saves time and resources when dealing with high quantities of products”

You have a single source to accomplish this job for maybe thousands of items when you utilize the machine to handle the serialization and aggregation procedures. You can imagine the time spent to do this task. Alternatively, with the CNECT® solution, you may distribute handheld scanners to multiple labors within the warehouse, each of whom will complete the procedure for a specific set of items.

No more Spaces

“You need only 2 SQM”

To carry out serialization and aggregation procedures, CNECT® solutions eliminate the need for big equipment and machinery. When using other solutions, you'll need up to 100 square meters to complete the task.

Using CNECT® solution, you'll need only two square meters.

When utilizing other systems, the serialization and aggregation procedure requires three labors in the warehouse, and there is delay between processes. One of the labors is doing the serialization and the other labor is waiting for the first one to finish and then to start the process of aggregation, and there is the third labor waiting to arrange the boxes on the pallet and stick its label.

“You can imagine the amount of time and money wasted in this way”

Using CNECT® solution the serialization and aggregation handled once during one stage of work and it is need only one labor to accomplish this work.

CNECT is Only one step of activity

Serialization and aggregation handled once during one stage of work

When using the CNECT® solution, you'll be able to do both the serialization and aggregation tasks at the same time. Two printers are linked to the system. When scanning one of the 2D barcodes and taking a scan of one of the boxes, the system will finish the aggregation process automatically, eliminating the need to scan all of the 2D barcodes.

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