Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution

QMANAGE® system which was developed by AL-RASID Company to manage all the resources of the whole enterprise. Right from employee payments to a single screw coming into the enterprise, everything can be managed & tracked by using QMANAGE® System. QMANAGE® is a cross-functional software that supports all the business processes within the organization.

In an organization, QMANAGE® helps to manage business processes of various departments & functions through the centralized application. We can make all the major decisions by screening the information provided by QMANAGE® . Depending on organizations’ needs required components are integrated & a customized QMANAGE® system is formed.

QMANAGE® Modules

All the below-mentioned modules can be found in QMANAGE®:

  • Purchase Management
  • Sales Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Budgeting Management
  • Manufacturing Management

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The modular design of QMANAGE® allows it to meet the shifting needs of a business and is a big reason this software has become ubiquitous. An organization can purchase only the modules relevant to its business model, operations and key challenges. It can then add QMANAGE® modules to address new needs or challenges as the organization evolves.

The beauty of modular QMANAGE® software is that a company can add this functionality while keeping the same foundation in place. There is no need to implement a new ERP system—a lengthy process—when requirements change, as long as the company chooses an established ERP provider with a wide selection of modules.

QMANAGE® is Cost-effective

For example, one study finds that on average an QMANAGE® can reduce overall operational costs by 23% and administrative costs by 22%. That's a significant saving over time. And while operational savings may be a driving factor to explore ERP adoption, quality ERP programs can do more than just save money.

95% of businesses say they have major operational improvements after implementing an QMANAGE®. The improvements include reducing process times, increasing collaboration and centralizing data and more.

  • RPs cut operational costs and improve efficiencies
  • Improved communication and data exchange with better collaboration
  • Centralized business functions and decreased process times
  • Less IT costs and reduced labor burdens

Purchase Management

QMANAGE® purchase management module helps you maintain masters for various suppliers and their contacts, track purchases, get a complete purchase rate history etc. It systematically records all the details pertaining to various suppliers, purchase orders, purchase requests, quality checks, purchase returns and much more. It enables you to evaluate a supplier based on delivery time, quality of material and cost of procurement.

Linking accounts and inventory with the purchase process, it enables a business optimize its procurement processes and patterns, thereby improve quality and reduce cost/time of procurement and gain a distinct competitive edge. Our Purchase Management Module integrated with related functional processes keeps a constant check on the stock levels and generates timely purchase orders for cost effective inventory replenishment.

Sales Management

QMANAGE® Sales module implements functions of order placements, order scheduling, shipping and invoicing. Sales and distribution management takes the responsibility of making sales and manage the distribution chain in order to make profit.

The main aim of any distribution and manufacturing business is to optimize the sales efficiency and prices along its supply chain. Processing customer orders is the second critical function.

Maintaining continuity in market supplies is extremely important for a business, QMANAGE® ERP sales module enable your sales department gain access to critical information at the right time thereby helping them plan efficiently on the basis of demand, ensuring timely deliveries accompanied with customer satisfaction.

Sales module implements functions of order placements, order scheduling, shipping and invoicing. This includes the process of making Sales quotation, Sales order, Delivery note, Sales invoice, Debit note & their respective masters. Sales order can be made against sales quotation & also can be made manually. There is a functionality of double authorization or two level authorizations in sales order along with the functionality of amendment. Amendment logs are maintained according to the rates and quantity in respective reports which are easily traceable.

  • Defines additional details and terms & conditions related to the sales order.
  • Ishipping goods to different address against a single sales order.
  • Sales module validates dispatch of goods against any order in case of unavailability of stocks.
  • Creation of Supplementary sales invoice in case of any rate change after authorization of sales invoice
  • Making delivery note without a sales order and respective invoices can be made accordingly.

Inventory Management

Store is an essential part of any manufacturing organization. The objective of a store is to smoothly and economically provide the right materials at the right time, and in the right condition. Keeping a close eye on the level of inventory requirements is the key to smooth and uninterrupted functioning of any production department. Sound functioning of a production department improves the overall working of other vital interrelated departments.

Businesses strive to optimize their level of inventory management, but a very few really succeed in doing so. Planning Inventory levels require planning a lot more than one would think. Systematic and accurate recording of inventory movement at different stages result in better inventory tracking.

QMANAGE® store module helps you meet your supply chain goals by achieving perfect order fulfillment and reduced operational (holding) cost. By generating detailed reports on various essential aspects of store management, it offers visibility into critical inventory levels.

Finance & Accounting

QMANAGE® Finance & Accounting module assisting businesses to manage the primary accounting and financial issues. It keeps track of basic accounting functions, including the general ledger and balance sheet, as well as managing financial issues such as asset management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, etc. This module also takes on the role of profitability analysis and revenue management.

QMANAGE® can integrate all processes in the whole company into a firm and logical system running on a central database. Departments in your enterprise are allowed to access other ones. The data in the finance module is shared with some core essential business activities, including inventory management, marketing, sales, purchasing and others.

If they have a financial impact, the finance and accounting module in QMANAGE® will be able to collect and record it. As a result, accounting and finance are assured to be accurate, assists you in meeting financial requirements, and allows you to produce numerous financial reports.

Budgeting Management

Every organizations small or mid sized or large enterprises keep certain budget to manage their businesses or daily activities or simply you keep certain money in mind on how much to spend on every single activities of your business in other words you say budget management. Budget management module is and important module of QMANAGE® system as it helps you in defining and managing your budgets and profits over different activities.

Therefore budget management normally starts when you start planning for the projects. With QMANAGE® you can easily do effective and efficient planning on how much to spend in a year. Therefore budget management is a another important part of Accounting & financial management. The module is integrated with Purchase management, Sales management, timesheets, Project management, Expense.


Production Management is the process of managing products throughout the life cycle. A key Objective for Production Management is Planning and Developing the Specifications for a range of Products or a Product Portfolio that meets a long-term Strategic Plan.

It focuses to produce Goods & Services as per the Estimated Manufacturing, to produce Right Quality of Goods & Services as per the Established Standards and as per decided time schedule.

It also aims at maximizing the utilization of Manpower and minimizing the use of Resources to the Optimum Level.

Production Management includes the process of making BOM (Bill of Material), Store Requisition from Stage, Store Issue, Production & Movement and Quality Inspection.

QMANAGE® Production Management Benefits:

  • Planned Order Schedule.
  • Exception Reports.
  • Improved Inventory Planning.
  • Improved operating efficiencies of Production Departments
  • Acts as a guard to meet uncertainties in Supply & Demand and the movement of Goods
  • Balances Demand & Supply of Goods