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Shortage & Damage is handled by CNECT®

Shortage & Damage is handled by CNECT®

The shortage of goods usually occurs due to taking samples from regulatory authorities or due to errors in packing, so other systems compensate for the shortage from another box and this issue is not addressed through other systems.

When you use the CNECT® solution, you can handle product shortages or damage in a professional manner by making automated calls between the labor and the supervisor, the supervisor determining the type of shortage or damage, and the system printing the label that identifies the type of shortage.

The incident report is then printed, approved and signed by the supervisor, admin and senior management.

As a result, there are no other systems that offer audit trail service.

Compensations is handled by CNECT® solution

CNECT® solution is distinguished from other systems by the availability of the compensation feature that contributes to reducing the number of boxes that contain a shortage or damage in products automatically through the compensatory exchange between the boxes.

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